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 Founded in 2011, Rent& is an international telecommunications provider based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We are a privately held company bringing businesses around the world instant access to new and existing customers via our immense inventory of Russian phone numbers. Rent& is a trusted partner for our clients who believe in "Business without Borders." We give businesses a local presence in St. Petersburg by providing them with local phone numbers that their customers recognize and are comfortable calling.
 Year over year, Rent& will continue to grow. Our powerful, enterprise-grade network could deliver thousands of calls reliably every day. We’ve built proprietary call systems and features that help our clients operate more efficiently. Our customers get more than just a phone number — all Rent& phone numbers come with advanced call forwarding features including International Call Forwarding, SIP Forwarding, SMS to Email Forwarding, and more. Rent& continues to evolve telecom solutions with a focus on the needs of worldwide businesses.
 In addition to our technical capabilities, Rent& believes in first-rate customer service. Our well-trained, multilingual customer service representatives are professional, courteous and easy to reach. We assist clients in many industries by extending their reach to new global locations and helping them to increase their revenue and raise their level of customer service. Whether a Fortune 500® corporation, mom-and-pop shop, or a company anywhere in between, Rent& provides a premium service along with unsurpassed customer service.
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